Monthly Comic Picks

Alright, let’s try something a little new, how about talking about comics? I have recently re-entered the comic book world and renewed my habit by subscribing to a plethora of comics through So far, I really like this service, it allows you to choose anything in Previews including very limited editions and signed, something I always had a problem getting with regular retailers, and (big plus for me) you don’t have to deal with comic shop shit, and they also give great discounts. The only problem I have had with it so far is that unless you are willing to pay an inordinate amount of shipping costs, which I am not, you will receive your comics once monthly, usually a month after they actually appear in retail outlets. This actually isn’t a problem with me since I avoid most comic shops like the plague.

So, without further ado, here are my month old comic picks:

super fuckersSuper F*ckers #1: Yeah, I know, it came out like a year ago, but I just got it, ok? Kochalka is always a safe bet, I actually flipped through this a year ago but refused to drop the 5 or 6 bucks on it, now I have to try and track down the other issues. Superhero reality parody on acid, thumbs up!

mouse guard #6Mouse Guard #6: Nothing pisses me off more than catching on to a good thing too late. I am not even going to try and track down the early issues of this, instead I am just going to look forward to the next series coming out in spring.

zombies versus robots #2Zombies vs. Robots #2: Ashley Woods is bringing it strong with this story about zombies, robots, aids, and babies. Beautiful artwork, loving it.

And, in this months “What the FUCK was I thinking?!?” moment:

fantastic fucks the end #4Fantastic Four, The End #4: I have got to stop being suckered into stupid fucking limited series of comics that I actually enjoyed eons ago. But, it’s “The End” right? I certainly hope so, this illiterate shit is not worth wiping the roundworms from my dog’s ass. The worst part is since I pre-ordered the series through, I already paid for the first four issues before I figured this out. Crap.

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