Oslo thieves steal glued cash from canvas

relative value stolen for cash valueA Norwegian artwork featuring thousands of pounds worth of banknotes glued to a canvas has been stolen from the Oslo gallery where it was on show.

The artwork, entitled Relative Value, was made up of 100,000 notes of 1,000 kroner (£83; 124 Euros) each, belonging to the artist, Jan Christensen.

The robbers got into the gallery by breaking a window.

They then cut each note off the canvas individually and left the 6.5-by-13ft (two-by-four-meter) frame behind.

The work had already been sold to a Norwegian buyer at face value.

“The piece was sold for nothing basically. It was just an exchange,” Mr Christensen told the BBC News website.

“I wanted to make a blunt work with the intention of creating a discussion about the value of art, and about capitalism, and how the art world works,” he said.

Mr Christensen said he did not know whether he would make a replacement.

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