Truck driver distracted by MP3 player spills 40 tons of cow intestines and bones on highway

A truck driver distracted by a digital music player overturned his semitrailer early Friday on Interstate 43, spilling nearly 40 tons of cow intestines and bones, according to Sgt. Blaine Spicer of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department.

The driver, Ryan Engle, 25, of Kenosha, was northbound on I-43 about 2:15 a.m. Friday near Orchard Road in the Town of Mosel when the truck veered off the right side of the road as he adjusted an MP3 player, Spicer said.

According to the sheriff’s department: Engle entered the shoulder and was unable to regain control as the load shifted and the truck fell onto its right side in the east ditch.

About 76,000 pounds of beef byproduct spilled into the ditch and onto the freeway. The right lane of northbound I-43 was closed for two hours as crews cleaned up.

Engle, who was cited for inattentive driving, was taken by Orange Cross Ambulance to St. Nicholas Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Despite my best attempts, and even though I badly wanted to find photos of this, I could not. So, instead I bring you a fine selection of cow intestine soup:

cow intestine soup
And apparently, a remote Miao village in Ziyun county, southwest China’s Guizhou province is making their cows really big these days:

giant cow

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