Arrest Warrant Issued For Richard Gere

An Indian court issued an arrest warrant for Richard Gere today, accusing the Hollywood actor of kissing Shilpa Shetty, the Bollywood actress, in a manner that “transgressed all limits of vulgarity”.

Judge Dinesh Gupta issued warrants for the arrest of Gere and Shetty after a resident in the northwestern city of Jaipur filed a complaint charging that the public display of affection -which he called an “an obscene act” – offended local sensibilities, court officials said.

Judge Gupta earlier viewed television footage of the event, which he called “highly sexually erotic,” saying the pair violated India’s strict public obscenity laws.

Crowds in several Indian cities burned effigies of Gere, 57, after he embraced 31-year-old Shetty and planted several kisses on her cheek in front of thousands of onlookers at the Aids awareness function in the Indian capital New Delhi earlier this month.

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