Hand Wound Monday: Recluse Spider Part 1 of 6

It has been a little over a year now since my father passed from heart complications, but six months before he passed he had been bitten by an unknown beastie in his backyard in Apache Junction, Arizona. Eventually they narrowed it down from a Black Widow to a Coral Snake to their final conclusion, a Brown “Recluse” Spider. He found great pleasure in assaulting my mailbox with his daily images of the progression of the bite, most of which I am fairly certain he did not seek out proper medical attention. But that is just how he was. So, in honor of the one year anniversary of my father’s death I present to you his battle with a Brown “Recluse” Spider, a saga in 6 parts. Part 1: The biting…

recluse spider bite
My father had been moving bricks around in his backyard, when he felt a small prick. Unable to find a cause of the prick he went inside to lay down. When he woke up he found his finger swollen to this.

recluse spider finger bit
Soon, he was unable to bend the finger. This led to his first ER room visit. Anybody want to guess what comes next?

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6 thoughts on “Hand Wound Monday: Recluse Spider Part 1 of 6

  1. Well what the hell did the doctors say after the first visit!? You don’t just sent a man home with a crazy bite that pops a week later (as we discover in part 2).

  2. The doctors did put him on some kind of IV antibiotic (or maybe it was antivenom, I’m not quite sure) drip and then sent him home with antibiotics. I don’t believe he went back to the doctor until much later after “the bursting” had occurred.

  3. This is almost definitely NOT a brown recluse bite. Apache Junction is well outside the range of brown recluse spiders (they aren’t found further west than Texas) and even outside the range of other recluse spiders that might be found in Arizona. Recluse bites are notoriously misdiagnosed. See this article.

  4. Like the above comment said, this likely is not a bite from a brown recluse, but as people tend to forget we do have a recluse out here in the west – Loxosceles deserta is common out here and it’s bite does have the same effects. So while it may not be a “Brown recluse”, it’s a recluse which is also brown and causes necrotic wounds. I know how touchy people from the midwest and south are about us trying to steal their spider stories.

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