Hand Wound Monday: Recluse Spider Part 3 of 6

Again, I don’t know the exact time line that these pictures occurred, as far as days/hours, however I do know he probably was not seeking the correct medical attention at this point. I present to you, the worsening:

recluse spider bite
What I do know is that he found it pretty hilarious what was happening to his finger:

recluse finger spider bite burst
And enjoyed even more sending them to my email. There is only one more picture from this part that I had to save until next week, that I consider the worst picture of them all. After that, the healing begins…

Part 2
Part 1
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8 thoughts on “Hand Wound Monday: Recluse Spider Part 3 of 6

  1. Jeez–that is so nasty-yet I can’t stop looking at it and I can’t wait to see the next installment.

  2. Definately NOT a BRS bite. I have the scar from on on my leg 12 years ago, and it looked nothing like that. I had the swelling, but the wound looked entirely different. My entire leg swelled to the point of 0filling my dungarees (yes, I was in the
    Navy at the time) in the span of 12 hours or so. I was rushed to the ER on base, my dungarees were cut open and they found the crushed spider inside. The wound looked like a black pustule (imagine a black dot the size of a nickel) which the Docs flushed (full of about a teaspoon of disolved miscle) and then I was given broad spectrum anti-biotics via IV along with steroids to calm the swelling. I still have a scar which I can push down about a 1/4 inch because there’s no muscle underneath, just fat. Either way, I’m sorry to hear of your father’s passing and previous wound. My bet is probably Black Widow, which love small dark areas and it not nearly as fatal as most people imagine…

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