Hand Wound Monday: Recluse Spider Part 5 of 6

After seeing last week’s pictures, I pretty much insisted that he go to the ER again. Whether he did or not I will never know, however these are the next pictures he sent me, so something must have started going right. I present the scabbing:

finger spider bite
scab finger bite
recluse spider bite on finger

Part 4
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1
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5 thoughts on “Hand Wound Monday: Recluse Spider Part 5 of 6

  1. By the way, after next week, how are you going to follow it up. Hand Wound Monday is something I’ve been seriously looking forward to over that past weeks.

    Are you going to start injuring yourself and taking pictures?

  2. I dub this series the sickest thing I have ever seen on the internet.

    Eat your whatever out, tubgirl and gaotse.


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