Todd Goldman round 3

Mike Tyndall is reporting that the accused art thief, Todd Goldman, has had his artwork removed from The Animation Art Gallery website and his gallery at is also now empty. That’s a good start.

Seriously, anybody who drops a grand on one of his shitty “I can’t really draw so I am going to utilize crudely drawn stick figures to illustrate horrible English idioms” hack paintings or prints should be flogged, again and again. If you are going to use stick figures at least learn to do it well. Meanwhile, there are thousands of artists online with fifty times more talent than Todd struggling to make any kind of sale at all. “But Casey, you are just jealous he has made a living with his art.” No, I am embarrassed that he has made an empire out of his art, it makes me literally nauseous. Or maybe that’s the hangover, either way I am tired of watching shit artists bullshit their way into galleries and the art world, while real talent is left behind simply because they don’t play politics or know how to promote themselves. Fuck art galleries and fuck the art world for ever letting this happen. Anybody who was stupid enough to buy an original “Todd Goldman” deserves the piece of kindling they now own.

Or maybe I’m just grumpy because I have not been threatened by Todd’s lawyers yet (fingers crossed).

Todd Goldman original art

Meanwhile, Slashdot has joined in and thankfully BoingBoing continues to keep some heat on the issue.

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