Criminals Beware! Citizen Prime Patrols Phoenix!

A couple of nights a week, this valley business executive named Jim (I agreed to conceal his last name) dresses up as his invented superhero character, and patrols valley streets. When you meet him, you can’t help but notice his sincere enthusiasm and his incredibly well-crafted costume. Half embarrased, he admits the outfit cost about 4,000 dollars to create. It includes a silk cape, leather mask, and a steel-plated upper body shield designed by a professional armor maker.

While on patrol, he has called police if he saw something or someone suspiscious. He’s also prepared take photos. He once guided police by phone to a drunk driver he spotted on the freeway. He also helped someone change a tire once. Prime admits his exact role in the community is still a work in progress. He’s trying to get into schools and hospitals to give inspirational messages to children.

In case Prime ever does see an actual crime or violence, his car is equipped with an electric stun gun, a police baton and a bean bag stun gun among other non-lethal gadgets. He’s never used them and says he hopes he never has to.

Of course he has a myspace page too!

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2 thoughts on “Criminals Beware! Citizen Prime Patrols Phoenix!

  1. Yes, I actually did. Part of the mission is getting the message out there. I thought the show would be a great way to bring attention to this growing community of real life super heroes. Sadly, I was not selected (some say “luckily”) but it doesn’t change my mission, in the slightest. Check out the latest blogs in MySpace to catch up on what I’m up to.

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