Medical Experts Examine Monkey Man

After nearly eight hours of long-distance journey, the Reporter and the genetics experts from Provincial People’s Hospital found Chen Conghua, the “monkey” man, the day before yesterday evening. After initial diagnosis, doctors did not rule out that the “monkey” appearance is the phenomenon of atavism which let the patient show the appearence of human ancestors. Chen’s symptoms still need further medical diagnosis. Medical experts held consultations on May 17, 2007.

Under the local villagers’ direction, experts arrived at Huangnidun village and Liaogongwo village in Gongxi county At 6 PM on May 15. Chen Changping, the local cadre , said that the experts should talk to “monkey” man when his father was not at home. He said that “monkey” man’s father is a psychopath and he become extremly unstable of facing strangers. As the reporter know from Chen, “monkey ” man has an unfortunate family that his mother and brother are retarded in mind. “His famlity is in the serious conditions that they can’t even feed themselves.”

When people walked in the “monkey” man’s home, he was squatting on a wooden stool and wearing a shirt. With his brother’s help, he got down from the stool and walk a few steps by his two legs. But after this few steps, he uses his hands to walk as monkeys do, especially on a uprising road.

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