Monthly Comic Picks

WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE #7: Ben Templesmith continues with the great artwork and the disgusting leprechauns. I still think the censoring is a little too distracting for the comic, but whatever, still good stuff.

Ride Savannah (ONE SHOT): With artwork drawn completely by Savannah College of Art and Design students, this is a pretty interesting compilation. Definitely looking forward to future projects from the contributors.

MARVEL ZOMBIES/ARMY OF DARKNESS #2: Without giving anything away, I was first shocked, then outraged, and then I laughed at the ending of this comic. No idea where they think they are going with this. Still, I’m hooked with the Ashe and zombie superhero action.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON EIGHT #2: Artwork and story seem to be holding up pretty good, Meh-I’ll keep reading.

TRUTH SERUM THE LONELY PARADE TPB: Apparently this has been running online at Dark Horse, but I am just finding it now. Pretty funny parody of the Bush administration and the search for death ray guns ongoing ‘War On Terror’.

Be sure to grab these titles this Saturday, on Free Comic Book Day 2007:

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY / ZERO KILLER / PANTHEON CITY—FCBD EDITION: Each title in this compilation has pretty interesing artwork, especially Pantheon City. Definitely going to be pulling that title when it comes out later this year.

THE TRAIN WAS BANG ON TIME—FCBD EDITION: Eddie Campbell’s new book, it’s interesting seeing his work with color, not sure I want to get used to it that way. I’ve already got my copy of this TPB on order though, must have.

THE UNSEEN PEANUTS—FCBD EDITION: See some of the obscure Peanuts comic strips that were for one reason or another were left out of every previously published Peanuts book, interesting stuff.

WHITEOUT #1—FCBD EDITION: Beautiful artwork, reminds me of Campbell’s stuff actually, sorry I missed this the first time around, now I have to track it down.

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