Your Weekly Pig Blood Highway Spill

Four thousand pounds of pig blood spilled from a semi-truck Wednesday afternoon on Tingley Lane, closing the roadway.

Authorities cordoned off a portion of Tingley Lane between the Southside Expressway and Joe Wright Road just before 3 p.m., after a valve underneath a truck broke, flooding 100 feet of the road in both lanes with blood. The road is expected to be closed until noon today.

Authorities were waiting Wednesday for a Prineville cleaning business that specializes in biohazards to deal with the spill before opening the road, said Oregon State Police Sgt. Bob Fenner.

The spill created a stench and area residents expressed concerns over the mess.

“Well, the problem is that it’s a health hazard,” said Amanda Dearing, who lives at 5211 Tingley Lane, in front of the spillage. “It could make our animals sick. It could make us really sick.”

The state’s Department of Transportation called in the biohazards group as fire and law enforcement officials oversaw the spill site.

The driver for Darling International, a trucking company out of Tacoma, Wash., was just leaving Masami Foods, 5222 Tingley Lane, and hauling away the processing waste to Tacoma.

Authorities don’t know what caused the valve underneath the tank to break.

Please, please, pretty please, some news source somewhere must have a picture, right?

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One thought on “Your Weekly Pig Blood Highway Spill

  1. I hope when I die it’s not by pig blood. Gypsy Blood, pterodactyl blood, sure. But pig blood would kind of suck. If i had to die from part of a pig, I think I’d like to be dropped into a monstrous vat of bacon grease. It’d smell nice, and if it was hot enough, you’d never feel it. You’d be dropped from 30 feet up, go under and die right away, before you ever noticed much.

    It would serve me right too, considering how many pigs have died to provide me with bacon.

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