10 Real-life Underwear Perverts

Ten normal people who have made it their mission to be as abnormal as possible:

angle grinder man

#6 Angle Grinder Man (London, and Kent)
Angle-grinder Man patrols by night looking for unhappy drivers who have been clamped and then sets their cars free. An odd-job man by day, he operates in Kent during the week and in London on weekends. He decided to go “full-time vigilante” in May this year. “My obsession with wheel-clamping is actually a rebellion against a much deeper malaise,” he said. “Namely, the arrogant contempt that politicians hold for the people who put them into power, and whom they claim to represent.”

mr. silent

#7 Mr. Silent (Indianapolis)

Mr Silent patrols the streets of indianapolis. Unlike his hero Bruce Wayne, Mr. Silent’s alter ego isn’t a billionaire. He has a full-time job to tend to, so he only makes it out about once per week, cruising the alleys of Downtown after dark, looking to help where needed. “I roam the streets of the city looking for those in distress or danger and I do my best to help them. If those in need of help are being mugged or hurt in anyway, then you can be assured that I will do something about it. One may ask, how I can call myself a superhero when I can’t fly or run at mach 3. The answer is simple. I am idealistically super. I see what, in my opinion, needs changed in society and I work towards that goal,” said Silent.

chris guardian

#8 Chris Guardian (NY City)
It started out as a normal night. That is, until the bad guy started dancing like the devil in the pale moonlight. Chris was minding his own business on the streets of Staten Island, N.Y., when he saw a man dash into a convenience store. The man sprinted through the aisles, trashing the place, then broke a glass bottle on the floor and brandished the shards as a makeshift knife. Chris, coming to the rescue, cornered him in the aisle. While Chris kept the villain at bay, customers called the police. That night, one of the most dangerous nights in his career, Chris truly earned the right to be called “Chris Guardian”. He is now 23 years old, and who patrols the sidewalks and alleyways of New York City. “I’ve always had something inside of me that made me want to really make a difference and just make the world a better place,” Guardian said recently during an interview.

Citizen Prime, who I previously mentioned, is number 4 on the list. See the full list here.

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