Hand Wound Monday: A Medley Of Firework Injuries

Just in time for the Fourth of July, I present to you a medley of firework wounds to help you celebrate the nation’s independence, collected from around the net:

fireworks burn hand
fireworks injury hand
burn hand injury firworks
firecracker injury
fireworks hand injury burnt
burned fireworks hand
wound hand fireworks
fireworks injury burn
firecracker hand injury
Please try to celebrate your independence safely, and remember to light and place fireworks where they belong, securely nuzzled between the cheeks of your buttocks.

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4 thoughts on “Hand Wound Monday: A Medley Of Firework Injuries

  1. I’m a fan of hand wound mondays going back to your dad’s bite, but from the start it’s been about wounds. If it’s blown off, that’s more of a hand maiming.

  2. Edited to correct my abysmal spelling.

    Holy crap! Those are some bad injuries! When you come right down to it, we’re really big hunks of meat. Medical stuff is really interesting to me…Good thing I have a high gore tolerance.

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