Third Time’s A Charm…

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Variety is reporting that Lionsgate has set an October date for the start of production on a revamped Punisher film, which will star the hulking British actor Ray Stevenson, who played Titus Pullo in HBO’s Rome mini-series. Lexi Alexander, the former world kickboxing champion, will direct the film from a script by Nick Santora, Kurt Sutter, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum that is (literally) shooting for an ‘R’ rating.
punisher movie Ray Stevenson

The new film, which is tentatively titled The Punisher 2 will actually be the third screen incarnation of Marvel’s no-holds-barred vigilante Frank Castle, who was portrayed by Dolph Lundgren in a 1989 film and Thomas Jane in 2004. The latter film was also produced by Lionsgate and earned nearly $34 million, which makes it the 15th (out of 17) of the modern era Marvel movies (in box office sales).

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