Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk Is New World’s Tallest Man At 8ft 5ins

Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk tallest man

He has spent years shrinking away from the limelight and at school his nickname was ‘titch’ because he was so tiny.

But Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk has now officially become the world’s tallest man standing at a towering 8ft 5ins in tall.

Measuring an impressive 8ins taller than the previous record holder, Mongolia’s Bao Xishun, it has long been suspected that Stadnyk should hold the official title of the world’s tallest man.

But until now the 37-year-old former veterinarian has always refused to be officially measured for the Guinness Book of Records as he hates his height and didn’t want to be famous.

The towering giant who lives in Podoliantsi, a tiny village in Ukraine has called his height ‘God’s biggest punishment for me’ and refuses to look in the mirror.

His extraordinary growth spurt started at the age of 14 after surgery on a benign brain tumour stimulated his pituitary gland, which is responsible for generating the hormones that boost growth.

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