Hand Wound Monday: Lizard Bite

Stumbled across this nasty crocodile monitor bite from ProExotics faq:

lizard bite

Here is the second bite with it’s story:

The Croc monitor poses, in my opinion, more cause for concern (when compared to other easily obtained monitors) due to their behavior. We experienced this first hand at my facility. Two years ago, one of my animal keepers was giving our croc monitor (a YOUNG male at only 7′) it’s daily warm shower. He took his eyes off the lizard for a split moment and the croc must have seen some fingers moving around on the spray nozzle. He came over and just nipped and let go in a millisecond. I heard a blood curdling scream and ran over only to see blood splattered on the glass, the floor, everywhere. This little nip just about severed off one of the fingers of my staff. He went through 4 hours of intensive surgery and has a very nice scar to this day and has never regained fully feeling and mobility in that finger. Just something to think about before making a mistake.

hand lizard bite

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