Hand Wound Monday: Horseback Injury

Fiend reader, Snowbug, writes:

The attached photos show a horseback riding injury. Yup, horseback.

Apparently, when the horse stumbled I had the flash of brilliance “I stayed on!!!” During that lull in attention, the horse stumbled again (dang gophers) and I went flying.

To this day, we have no idea HOW my finger got flayed open. An errant hoof? Sharp rock? The most likely answer is the leather reins acted as a knife, cleanly separating the pad of the finger from the rest. It neatly flopped open and closed. (I tried not to look much)

It required 3 stitches inside and a bunch around the outside. That’s the gross black junk.

Although they originally thought I’d probably lose the pad, the finger is back to normal, albeit a little bent at the end. (Scar tissue keeps it from straightening entirely) Most of the feeling is there as well.

horseback hand injury
horseback hand wound

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