Hand Wound Monday: Puffer Fish Attack

From the Spearfishing World Network:

After leading a group through the cavern called the hole in the wall, we traveled down the wall at a depth of 130?. In my peripheral, I saw an 18? long puffer fish neatly tucked into a lobster looking hole. I stopped the group so everyone could ooh and aah over the pretty fish. I first touched the fish on the head to get him to come out of the hole. Since the area is known to be a regular hangout for Bull sharks, this guy was not budging. Sharks like to eat blowfish. Persistently, I waggled my hand in front of his face acting like food. My hope was to entice him to come out and play. That is when he launched forward and got hold of my pinkie. Playtime over! Man that hurt. This cute little fish has teeth like a parrotfish and the ability to crush shells if necessary. He bit my kevlar gloved hand like a piranha on a dining mission. When he was ready, he let go. I was in pain, but relieved that my glove wasn?t cut. When I took my glove off, I realized half of my finger was still in the glove.

puffer fish finger injury
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