A Few Questions For Barack Obama

obama mccain aliensEarlier this week, Boing Boing linked to an article from Radley Balko about 10 questions that he would like to ask Barack. In light of recent news, there is a line of questioning that I think is a little more interesting, and personally would like to see both candidates answer:

Do you believe in the existance of extraterrestial intelligent life?

Follow up:

If, at any time prior to or during your presidential term, if you were ever made aware of such intelligent life or incidents occuring with said intelligent life, would you be promise to share this information with the American people?

Obviously no network reporter will ever have the cojones to ask this question, the only chance of this ever being asked is a ‘town forum’ type of arena, or maybe the next youtube debates. Perhaps we should start a petition or reward for the first person to get a candidate to answer these questions?