9 thoughts on “Are You Ready For The Impending Apocalypse?

  1. Bearing in mind the LHC is in Europe, wouldn’t it have been more fitting to use the European date format, rather than the American one.

    Or is something else expected to happen on the 9th of October?

  2. Yeeeah, that looks like October 9th to me. I like the design but there are a couple things.

    #1 – There are already particle colliders. This one is the LHC, the LARGE hadron collider.

    #2 – The date format says October 9th. Just pull that out and put “Sept. 10, 2008” or something easy.

  3. #1- yeah, if you don’t know which particle collider was started on 09/10/2008, then you probably aren’t going to get the joke anyways.

    #2- yes, that is an American time format, because the shirts are being marketed in America. I’m afraid those of you in Europe are going to have to find your own versions of the shirt, sorry.

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