Note To World…

Seriously?!?! I thought I was pretty clear last week. Apparently, enough of you thought that watching talking chihuahuas was something you should really spend a couple hours of your lives watching, enough that it happened again?!?! Did someone come out of this movie last week and tell you how fucking good that talking chihuahua movie was?!?! Is this some kind of brain-washing Disney cult thing?!?! Seriously, what the fuck is going on?!?!

I can almost understand if the children are to blame, almost. However, it is your responsibility as an authority figure to slap the shit out of them and tell them how fucking stupid and just wrong it would be to watch such a movie. The same diligence with which you teach your children not to stick forks into light sockets should be used with a movie like this. Any parent that is taking their child to see this crap is lowering the standards and intelligence of their children, and guaranteeing the stupidity of movies to come (enjoy Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2: Escape From New York). How about making the little shits go (gasp) to a park, or museum, or even an art gallery? Something that might actually benefit them in the future perhaps?

Thinking about sitting through a Disney movie about CGI anthropomorphized talking chihuahuas, I can immediately imagine several excruciatingly painful things that I would rather have done to my testicles.

I hope you are all fucking happy, you have renewed my fears with the election one month away.


One thought on “Note To World…

  1. “But they’re telling us we’re getting more unaccompanied-by-children adults coming on their own.”

    Fucking twisted.

    Let’s all go see City of Ember to make sure it has a better week.

    Wait, after looking up reviews, never mind. It really looks like Disney won because they’re the cream of the crap right now. Almost nothing in the top ten is worth a damn.

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