April Diamond Gems

Go immediately to your local comic shop and tell them you need them to order the following upcoming titles:

Tales of the Vampires Buffy

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires”
Product Code: APR090057

Buffy one-shot, written by Becky Cloonan, drawn by Vasilis Lolos, with a variant cover by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, this is absolutely a recipe for a perfect storm.

zombies robots

“Zombies Vs Robots Aventure #1”
Product Code: APR090870

Here’s a tip, whenever you see the words “zombie” or “robots” next to the words “Ashley Wood”, buy it. No questions asked.

You Shall Die

“You Shall Die by Your Own Creation!”
Product Code: APR090827

With all the hype over the first volume, it seems a bit strange that there has not been a peep about this second volume. Even more of Fletcher Hanks bizarre comics, designed specifically for you to ponder why they don’t make them like they used to.

    RASL #5

“RASL #5”
Product Code: APR090750

Jeff Smith makes us wish we had a backpack time machine to start our own international art crime ring.

Muppets #4

“Muppet Show #4”
Product Code APR090741

Roger Langridge is one of the very few people who could make this series work. Wakka, wakka, wakka!

Black Jack Volume 6

“Black Jack Volume 6”
Product Code APR091046

You haven’t been paying attention, have you? You probably have no idea why Osamu Tezuka is considered the father of modern manga, do you? Pick this series up and find out why.

Cursed Pirate Girl #2

“Cursed Pirate Girl #2”
Product Code: APR090959

If you saw David Peterson speak at MSU’s Comic Forum, then you would know that not only is David a big fan of Jeremy Bastian’s work, but that apparently Jeremy is a fanatic about the illustrative detail that he puts into his work. Should be an interesting series.

Barack the Barbarian #1

“Barack the Barbarian #1”
Product Code: APR090753
(Palin Variant Cover) Product Code: APR090754

I can’t imagine any greater tribute for a standing president to receive, a comic tribute with full loin cloth action. Destined to be this year’s top comic seller.