May Diamond Gems

Go immediately to your local comic shop and tell them you need them to order the following upcoming titles:

wednesday comics #1

“Wednesday Comics #1-4”
Product Code: MAY090122

DC comics is looking to reinvent comics by making them bigger and foldable? Lots of big names, should be worth picking up anyways.

dethklok vs the goon

“Dethklok Vs. The Goon”
Product Code: MAY090053

Eric Powell and the creators of Adult Swim`s Metalocalypse, how can you resist?

cursed pirate girl #3

“Cursed Pirate Girl #3”
Product Code: MAY090992

Because Mouse Guard’s David Peterson approves, that is all you need know.

“Big Questions #12”
Product Code: MAY090823

Go see Anders Nilsen‘s website and you will understand why you must buy this.

bprd 1947

“B.P.R.D.: 1947”
Product Code: MAY090044

Mike Mignolia teams up with Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon. You just peed yourself a little, didn’t you?

barack the barbarian #2

“Barack the Barbarian #2”
Product Code: MAY090770

The guaranteed break-through series continues, I heard he teams up with former enemy “Specter the Mercenary” in this one.

“The Venture Brothers: The Music of JG Thirlwell”
Product Code: MAY091844

The Venture Brothers on Vinyl! On VINYL!