June Diamond Gems

Go immediately to your local comic shop and tell them you need them to order the following upcoming titles:

“King City #1”
Product Code: JUN090324

Brandon Graham’s King City returns. Image picks up where Tokyopop left the series hanging. Brandon has a pretty unique illustration style, well worth checking out.

“Comics Revival Pack #1”
Product Code: JUN090798

Buenaventura Press tries to fight back against Diamond’s shafting of independent comics with this comics pack. Issues of ‘Injury #3’, Eric Haven’s adventure tale ‘The Aviatrix’, and ‘Beast Biplane’, all of which I would have purchased separately anyways.

“Barack The Barbarian #3”
Product Code: JUN090809

Yes, it continues…

“Zombies Vs Robots Aventure #2”
Product Code: JUN090982

Zombies and Robots and Ashley Wood.

“Dungeon: The Early Years Volume 2”
Product Code: JUN091031

Volume 1 picked the series back up, I expect the second volume to continue this.

“Black Jack: Volume 7”
Product Code: JUN091097

Buy this before Vertical cancels the series, some of Tezuka’s coolest stuff.

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