The Real Deal

real deal comics
I received this most awesome package in the mail today, an almost full run of Real Deal comics (Issue #2 has long been sold out ever since the Beastie Boys gave them props in Grand Royal magazine during the early 90’s). Real Deal is how comics should be, raw and pure. Let me give you a little sample of some of the genius writing (Issue #4):

“Ham Hocks and Collard Greens. Momma yo’ thighs is sure lookin’ mean!”

“Excuse me? Are you talkin’ to me??”

“Hell ya!! I aint rappin’ to the bar stool bitch!!”

real deal art

Lawrence Hubbard, the artist behind Real Deal, has dug up his stock of past issues and is putting the few issues he has left up for sale. You can pick them up from Hubbard’s ebay page, or PictureBox Inc. has bought up a few issues and has them up for sale on their site. Pick these up NOW! The limited stock will soon be gone, and they don’t make them like this anymore, you won’t regret it.

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