July Diamond Gems

Not a lot of impressive things in July’s Previews, if you have any suggestions leave a comment. Nevertheless, go immediately to your local comic shop and tell them you need them to order the following upcoming titles:

simpsons treehouse of horror

“Bart Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #15”
Product Code: JUL090740

Lots of indie creators are coming together for this one including Jeffrey Brown, Mathew Thurber, and Ben Jones. This should be really interesting, must have in July.

king city #2
“King City #2”
Product Code: JUL090399

If you bought King City when it was first printed in a one volume perfect bound form, then you can skip this until the issues catch up with the new material. Otherwise go buy it.
sweet tooth
“Sweet Tooth #1”
Product Code: JUL090279

I have absolutely no information on this, but from the few preview pages I have seen it could be good. Worth checking out.


Halloween Mini Comics:

Archie & Friends All-Stars Presents: Betty Cooper Confidential Mini-Comic
Casper The Friendly Ghost/Little Lulu Halloween Treat Mini-Comic
Star Wars: Halloween Special 2009 Mini-Comi
E.C. Segar’s Popeye: Popeye Vs. “The Ghosk” Halloween Mini-Comic
Domo: The Manga Mini-Comic

Want to be the coolest house on the block this Halloween? Give em comics! Not only are you doing your part to imprint comics onto the next generation, but they love them! Seriously, last year the kids were walking away from our house in awe. Mini-comics come in bundles of 25.

Update: I forgot this gem in the Marvel section:

strange tales #1

“Strange Tales #1”
Product Code: JUL090581

Independent creators come together to recreate Marvel characters. Paul Pope, Kochalka, Peter Bagge, and Johnny Ryan are just some of the names. This is going to be a must have, and should be a regular series, unfortunately it is a three issue series.