August Diamond Gems

I was denied my usual Previews catalog this month, this is the best scraping I could do on the interwebs to find some worthwhile titles. So, even though the new Previews is already out, here is what you need to order from your local comic shop (last) month:

Prison Pit

“Prison Pit”
Product Code: AUG090885

This is being touted as Johnny Ryan’s opus.

cowboy ninja viking

“Cowboy Ninja Viking”
Product Code: AUG090294

Ordering this based on name alone.

vatican hustle

“Vatican Hustle”
Product Code: AUG091002

I know absolutely nothing about this except my NBM blog feed is rich with it, must obey rss feed….

gogo monster

“Gogo Monster”
Product Code: AUG091090

See some preview images at Same Hat.