Sorrow Industries: 2012 Year In Review

2012 Publications and Presentations:

Cats of Copenhagen

Cats of Copenhagen

Cats of Copenhagen:

Designed and published by Ithys Press featuring pen and ink illustrations by Casey Sorrow, letterpress typeset by Michael Caine, and handmade paper marbling and binding of Christopher Rowlatt.

January: Publication of by Ithys Press

October: Scribner (division of Simon & Schuster) publishes the Cats of Copenhagen:

[hr_line style=””]Acknowledgments:

[hr_line style=””]Schuler Books Signing with Local Artist Casey Sorrow, Illustrator of The Cats of Copenhagen by James Joyce

[hr_line style=””]Scribner’s Literary Cat Contest: Instagram user @jmelster wins A $100 gift card to PetSmart, 10 copies of James Joyce’s THE CATS OF COPENHAGEN, and a signed, limited edition illustration from the book!

[hr_line style=””]Foreign Editions:

Future foreign language translations still to be released.
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Monkey Day 2012

Monkey Day 2012 Initiative:

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New York Times Peter Trachtenberg Portrait

New York Times Sunday Book Review: Illustration of Peter Trachtenberg by Casey Sorrow

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Casey A. Sorrow
Director – Sorrow Industries